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Volume - 66 , Issue-4 , April 2022
Prevention and Care of Non-communicable Diseases among Youth : Call for Action
Bobby Paul, Masuma Yasmin
Original Articles
A Study on Prevalence, Clinical Features and Organ Damage in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) with Special Reference to Metabolic Profile
Uttam Kumar Mandal, Pijush Kanti Biswas, Souvonik Mandal, Alakes Kumar Kole
The Role of Haematological and Biochemical Parameters for Diagnosis and Management of Covid-19 Patients
Vineet Banga, Stuti Jain
Study to Find Out the Correlation Between Cognitive Defect and Non-alcoholic Fatty liver Disease
Sriradha Chatterjee, Saumik Datta, Sujoy Sarkar, Mrinal Kanti Ray
Vast Potential for Clinical Trial Opportunities; Adipose Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Bhaskar Vyas, Anant Marathe, Rajni Vyas, Ramesh Bhonde
Stress Levels among Indian Doctors – An Online Survey
Anil Kumar Virmani, Jyotirmoy Pal, Shambo Samrat Samajdar, Shatavisa Mukherjee
A Comparative Study of Clinical Presentation of Scrub Typhus Patients between Pre and Post Monsoon Clusters in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Kolkata
Rimi Som Sengupta, Sagnic Mondal, Kaushik Mukhopadhyay, Upal Sengupta
Review Articles
Glycated Haemoglobin : It’s Diagnostic and Prognostic Efficacy in Various Clinical Scenarios
Ravi Kant, Shankar Roy, Mukesh Bairwa
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in India : Challenges and the Ways Forward
Ajeet Singh Bhadoria, Vineet Kumar Pathak, Chandrakant Lahariya
Challenges in Diagnosis of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis
Jyotirmoy Pal, Moni Sankar Bhattacharjee
Case Reports
Double Compound Intussusception—A Clinico-radiological Correlation
Shamita Chatterjee
A Rare Case of Peripheral Cysticercosis in a Young Female from South India
Achu Jacob Philip, Ashwin Chand, Anita Ramdas, Joe J Punnooran
Primary Leiomyosarcoma of Liver — Case Report of a Rare Cancer
Bijan Kumar Saha, Maneesh Vijayvargiya
Workplace Violence against Doctors : A Controversial and Contradictory Situation for India
Puja Bansal, Anirban Das
voice of expert
Telemedicine in Vogue
Mangesh Tiwaskar Harihar
Special Correspondence
Kala azar — A neglected Notifiable Disease
Dipanjan Roy
Drug Corner
Brivaracetam Intravenous Formulation in Epilepsy Management in India : A Position Statement
Vivek Narain Mathur, Minhaj Momin, Rajesh B Iyer, Kumar Gaurav, Smita Brahma
Placement of Oral Formulations of Brivaracetam in Various Patient Profiles : An Indian Perspective
Avathvadi Venkatesan Srinivasan, Lakshminarayanan Kannan, Vykunta Raju K Gowda, Lokesh Lingappa, Prashanth Utage, Shalin Shah,6 Madhusudhan BK, Rakesh Lalla, Kumar Gaurav, Rupali Vinodchandra Bandagi, Smita Brahma
Image in Medicine
Image in Medicine
Bhoomi Angirish, Bhavin Jankharia
Students Corner
ecome a Sherlock Holmes in ECG
M Chenniappan
Medical History
Ancient Indian Medical Teaching
Rudrajit Paul
Letter to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Fever Guidelines
A Stepwise Guide for Differential Diagnosis and Management of Acute Fever in Primary Care : An Indian Perspective
Ketan K Mehta, J A Jayalal, Jayesh Lele, Pragnesh Joshi, S Rekha, Agam Vora, Boopathy John
Justice Ramesh Chandra Lahoti

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