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In Bana Parva of Mahavarata, Yaksha asked Yudhishthira 18 questions – which are known as Dharma – baka Upakhanya, among several other questions.
Yaksha     : What is the most valuable possession ?
Yudhistir  : Knowledge
Yaksha     : What is the greatest Treasure of earth ?
Yudhistir  : Health

Health and knowledge of Health are considered as the greatest wealth of mankind. Wealth and Knowledge have similarities, they belong to nobody like a river which flows from one to another - Jalse Patla Ghan hai

In period of Vedas, two adhars of knowledge were Shruti and Smriti. Shruti is that had been heard and consists of unquestionable truth, and Smriti is which had been remembered and may change over time. So in ancient world, this way the knowledge is passed on from one generation to next generation.

Evidence of the oldest medical script was discovered in Fayoum (Egypt) which is called Kahoun Papyurs written 1950BC. History of Scientific research and articles were closely connected with the activities of Royal Society of London and their Publication Philosophical transactions from 1665 to 1800 was the torch bearer of that period for scientific publications. First structured Medical Journal was established in eighteenth century – Medical essays and observations in 1731 in UK, Medical Repository in 1797 in USA. During the two world wars, there was surge of Medical research. But human research was not beyond medical ethics as many experiments were done on prisoners against their will. Helsinki Declaration set up ethical practice in medical research and the general layout of research and publication was formulated.

Medical Journal is a peer reviewed scientific journal that communicates medical information to Physicians and health Professionals. Medical Editors bear responsibility for the reliability of published articles which have impact on public health. Editors must be trustworthy to maintain standard of medical ethics. To preserve this trust editor must avoid giving favours to special interest group or business house in lieu of advertisement and financial contracts. There should be no conflict of interest in mind of editor to express or motivate scientific or socio-medical view that may have bigger impact on public health. Interest of country, interest of mankind and truth should supersede all conflicting interest.

Indian Medical Association was formed in 1928 by freedom fighter medical stalwarts in Kolkata during freedom struggle. Ima was a reply against British upekha to Indian Doctors. Journal was founded by Sir Nilratan Sircar, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, Dr Kumud Sankar Ray and dozens of medical professionals in 1930. The objectives were to protect rights and dignity of Indian doctors and to promote products of indigenous pharmaceuticals of British India First issue was published in 1930 in name of Indian Medical World. In the 7th All India conference under presidentship of Dr Jibraj Mehta, name of the publication was changed as Journal of Indian Medical Association from Sep 1931. JIMA recorded its growth through its journey in terms of viewers , indexing , quality and affiliation with international community. JIMA completed its 90 yrs with distinction and reputation from national and international medical forum.

As an Editor, I am committed to uphold the glory, which was lightened by my ancestors like Sir Nilratan Sircar and Dr B C Roy, I am also committed to propagate scientific agenda that will have immense public health importance, I am also committed to be custodian of interest of Medical researchers publishing their work , rendering protection from any vested business , political interest.

- Prof (Dr) Jyotirmoy Pal
Hony Editor, JIMA

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