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Volume - 119 , Issue-2 , February 2021
Ensure Not Insure
Tamonas Chaudhuri
Original Articles
Clinical Presentations, Hormonal Evaluation and Imaging Abnormalities in Patients with Multiple Pituitary Hormone Deficiency : A Single-centre Experience from Rural West Bengal
Sukanta Dutta, Partha Pratim Chakraborty, Sugata Narayan Biswas, Krishnendu Roy
Study on Serum Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) level as a Risk Factor in Acute Stroke Presenting in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Santanu Saha, Arijit Singha, Arindam Mitra
Precautionary Behaviour for COVID-19 among General Population in Hills, West Bengal, India : A Pilot Study
Sandip Saha, Pasang Lahmu Sherpa, Nilanjana Ghosh, Biplab Mandal
Review Articles
Medical Students’ Perception of Education Environment in Clinical Postings
Tanvi Jha, Keashav Mohan Jha
Surgeon’s Dilemma during COVID-19
Kaushik Bhattacharya, Neela Bhattacharya
Folic Acid Therapy Completes 9 Decades — Originated in India
Usha B Saraiya, Nidhi Shah
Turbulent Time in Healthcare and Tide-less Trends in Leadership — Let us Create a Small Ripple
Kausik Ray, Samantha Greenhouse
Case Reports
Non-traumatic Cardiac Tamponade : Two Autopsy Case Reports
Sujan Kumar Mohanty, Virendra Kumar, Jaffar Hussain AP, V Bhuvan
Hypertrophic Tuberculosis of Vulva — An Unusual Case Report
J B Sharma, S Gupta, Alka Kriplani, Sudheer Arava, Swati Tomar
Voice of the Expert
Residency Programs in India — An Appraisal
Santhosh John Abraham
Pictorial CME
Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Ghanshyam Goyal, Rekha Srivastava, Shammi Kapoor
Case Discussion in Medicine
Approach to a case of Pyrexia of Unknown Origin (PUO)
Uttam Biswas, Pallavi Mahato, Milan Chakraborty
Special Correspondence
Cancer Awareness — The Basics
Arnab Gupta
JIMA Volume XX, No 3, December, 1950, Page 106-9
Saumitra Ray
Image in Medicine
Bhoomi Angirish, Bhavin Jankharia
Students Corner
Become a Sherlock Homes in ECG
M Chenniappan
Medical History
2021 : The First Centenary of BCG Vaccination in Human
Sukanti Bhattacharyya
Gene editing as treatment for inherited haemolytic anemia: Is the future here?
Rudrajit Paul
Mediquiz 02/2021
Anshuman Poddar
Drug Corner
Lincomycin in Skin and Soft Tissue Infections and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Anish Desai, Sunaina S Anand
Special Article
Executive Summary of the Recommendations on Management of Asthma in Primary Care (2020)
S K Jindal, J Lele, A G Ghoshal, S Nair, S Kant, A Parakh, S K Banthia, V D Nagda, P Joshi, T Masurkar, SK Joshi
Book Reviews
Book Reviews
Biswajit Sukul, Soma Gupta
Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
SB Ganguly, CS Rajan
In Memorium
In Memorium

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